Chris Bosh

OK the Toronto Raptors don’t know what they want and its similar to a celebrity hook-up. One minute the Raptors say they have “no intention” of trading Chris Bosh for roughly a month and a half. Now, they are saying they would like to sign Bosh and then trade him. Make up your mind! It’s really not that hard to figure out because its like this: Toronto, you either WANT him or you DO NOT want him. The answer to the question is a yes or no type of deal.
The Raptors are looking for some sort of compensation for their efforts of trading Bosh to one of many teams up on the list. Looks like Chris Bosh would love to get with a contending team but he isn’t about to kick and scream to let his current organization know he wants out. In my opinion, he should at least be more aggressive and be up front about it. If he does that, hopefully he will land with a solid championship caliber team this next season.

Vince Carter

The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking hard into New Jersey Nets Shooting Guard Vince Carter. Vince Carter has been in the dumps ever since Jason Kidd skipped town for Dallas. Oh look how that trade turned out! Devin Harris made his first NBA All-Star Appearence after the trade to New Jersey. This has vastly had an impact on how Vince Carter plays basketball. He has been yurning for a championship because thats the type of player he is. I have always felt bad for him. I see it as he has been “stuck” in New Jersey and he deserves better than what he is receiving.

I believe the Cavaliers can give that championship feeling when he teams up with LeBron James. Some of you might ask the following: Who would Cleveland give to New Jersey for Carter? The answer is Sasha Pavlovic and Ben Wallace. These are the same two guys they are looking to give up in the Shaq O’Neal deal. That begs the question: Can the Cavs snag both Carter and O’Neal or will they have to settle for just one of the two? Its hard for me to say this but the Cavs NEED a better big man to intimidate lane penetators and O’Neal can do that for the cavs. At the same time, Lebron James needs more lane penetrators on the team for the offense. Yes, Mo Williams is great with LeBron but Vince Carter would really leave teams searching for an answer on who to guard. Who will end up in Cleveland?